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Eat healthy. Eat local.

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Farmers Markets sell highly nutritious food, grown using practices that preserve the local and global environment, but they are hard to find. Now you can easily discover the nearest Farmers Market anywhere in United States with a simple tap.

Healthy eating has never been so easy.


Geolocalized Information

American Farmers app uses updated exact locations of local Farmers Markets. This limits the ambiguity of searching for obscure Farmers Market based on directions from an outside source.

Badges & Social

American Farmers app monitors your activity at Farmers Markets. Check-in when you visit a Farmers Market and unlock Badges that signify your commitment. Learn and share the Farmers Market experience with others by instantly updating social media outlets.

In-App Search

Use American Farmers app’s extensive data-base to find Farmers Markets across the entire United States. American Farmers app zeros-in on your location, allowing you to find fresh food no matter where you are.


Market Schedules

Schedules for Farmers Markets are difficult to track down. American Farmers app provides updated schedules for each Farmers Market. If one Market is closed easily discover one that is open.

In-App Map Directions

American Farmers app provides specific step by step directions from your location to the Farmers Market of your choice.

Crowdsourcing Information

If the information about a particular Farmers Market is incomplete or inaccurate, it is easy to send messages concerning the problem. This feature allows American Farmers app to constantly update information and provide the most accurate information possible.


Awarded for getting started. Receive this badge when you first check-in at a Farmers Market with the American Farmers App.

Captain Organica

Presented to avid Farmers Market shoppers. This badge is unlocked after six check-ins in one month.

Real Food Eater

Received for showing an initial steady commitment to fresh food. This badge is awarded after five check-ins at any Farmers Market.

Weekend Forager

Unlocked based on Saturday check-ins at Farmers Markets. Obtain this badge by checking in at Farmers Market on six separate Saturdays.

Health Nut

Presented for shoppers who show a clear commitment to health. Obtain this badge when you check-in at a Farmers Market for the tenth time.


Awarded for consistent use. Unlock this badge when you check-in at a Farmers Market at least once a week for seven consecutive weeks.

Pure Beeing

Given to shoppers on a roll. Receive this badge after 15 check-ins at any Farmer Market.


Received after prolonged inactivity. Awarded for checking-in at a Farmers Market after a long period without a check-in.

The Green King

The Ultimate Prize. This badge is only unlocked after obtaining every other badge and checking in five more times.

Presented to local Farmers Market regulars. Unlock this badge by checking in eight times at a particular Farmers Market.

The Local Hero

Exclusively Healthy

Given to consistent users. Unlocked after checking-in at a Farmers Market three times in one week.


Awarded for occasional yet steady use. Unlock this badge when you check in once a month for three months.

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