We build iOS & tvOS apps with unparalleled functionalities. 

Commission your development needs to us and you will have a dedicated team of ex-Apple engineers and designers working for you.


CPUs and GPUs on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV are becoming faster every year and more energy efficient. This enables us to craft cutting-edge solutions directly on the device based on our extensive experience with artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine learning.

In computer vision, a common practice is to upload multimedia files captured by mobile devices to a remote server to perform video, image and/or audio processing. This data transfer has a huge impact on the mobile device battery and can compromise the user privacy.

Our accurate algorithms are designed to run fast on the client’s GPU. In this way, we reduce the need of applications to transfer images and videos to a remote server with an overall benefit in terms of energy consumption and user privacy.

We build iOS and tvOS applications leveraging pattern recognition, remote sensing, biometrics, photogrammetry, metrology, and machine learning. We combine Apple’s technologies such as Metal, Accelerate and Core Image with our custom fast and energy-efficient algorithms.

We are experts in:

  • Pattern Recognition and Matching
  • Scene Segmentation and Understanding
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Image De-noising and Reconstruction
  • Human-Machine Interaction
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
  • Stereoscopic Vision and 3D Reconstruction
  • Motion Detection and Tracking
  • Biometrics (Fingerprint, Face and Iris Recognition)
  • Facial Expression Recognition
  • Speech Recognition

We develop image-based methods for surveying and navigation purposes, for social media, for advertisement and marketing as well as for inspection of materials in the production processes.


We develop apps that intelligently blend fast, optimized and real-time pattern and object recognition algorithms. Taking advantage of frameworks such as Metal and Accelerate, we can provide you with blazing fast image processing algorithms with minimum impact on the power consumption.


Deep learning and convolutional neural networks are today one of our most cutting-edge offerings. Enhance your iOS and tvOS app with machine learning to achieve smart and innovative functionalities and increase the experience of your users.


We have pioneered new biometric technologies for large-scale applications. We now bring this know-how to the iOS and tvOS platforms with unique real-time biometric algorithms for fingerprint, face, iris, gait and voice recognition.


Our design always begins with the user and then works backward to the technology that makes the user experience not only possible but also enticing and easy to use.


We provide streamlined app development in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Beginning with your app’s concept, we conceive innovative solutions. And throughout the development process, each discrete aspect—its compelling functionality, its beautifully designed user interface, its high-performance source code, its tactical multi-dimensional marketing—is refined in unison to ensure your app’s remarkable success.





When designing your app, we continually refine the user experience, and ask ourselves: “Could this be better?” And by pushing further, your app becomes something extraordinary, both distinctly beautiful and utterly compelling.

High-quality, highly technical app development does not take place inside a vacuum. During the development, our virtuoso developers continuously interact with you, becoming a fundamental part of your team.

In our unique process, marketing does not take place at the end, but rather, it is infused into each vital element to ensure that, when your app launches, it will instantly acquire loyal users and traction in highly-competitive app stores.

While building your app, we continually refine its performance and usability with meticulous functional and user tests. For example, we make sure that your app does not exhaust the battery power of the user device.


Exceptional mobile products push innovation and impact the people you care about. To become something fundamentally significant, each aspect of your app must be fluidly refined and carefully crafted. Therefore, building a successful app, with comprehensive beauty, long-lasting performance and strong market appeal, requires authentic development tactics, meticulous care and proven mobile integration across distinct disciplines.

While other app development companies charge you for unnecessary business developers or project managers, we spend every bit of our time on what’s important, your product and your users.

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