Museums in U.A.E.

Find museums in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates’ museums and cultural centers represent a fusion between traditional heritage and modern artistic development. MuseumsUAE allows users to discover and experience the ‘state of the art’ museums and cultural centers that are flourishing throughout the seven Emirates of the UAE.


MuseumsUAE uses updated exact locations of each museum and cultural center. No matter how confusing the streets of the UAE may seem, users easily locate a museum or cultural center.

Geolocalized Information

Museum Schedules

Determine the optimal time to plan your museum visit. MuseumsUAE provides an updated comprehensive schedule for each museum and cultural center. Users discover special events and exhibits, maximizing the vibrancy of their museum visit.

MuseumsUAE monitors activity at museums and cultural centers. When users check-in at a museum or cultural center badges are unlocked. Each badge signifies a visit and reveals unique pertinent information about the museum or cultural center. Checking-in also allows users to instantly update social media outlets, sharing their experience with others.

Badges & Social

Crowdsourcing Information

If the information about a particular museum or cultural center is inaccurate or incomplete, users easily send messages concerning the problem. MuseumsUAE utilizes messages, consistently updating the database and providing the most accurate information possible.

In-App Search

MuseumsUAE’s extensive database contains all the operating museums in the UAE. MuseumsUAE users discover obscure museums and cultural centers that many people easily overlook.

Detailed Description

MuseumsUAE provides users with a concise detailed description of each museum. Users browse a long list of museums, and plan their trip based on what interests them.

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