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SignaKit - Handwritten Signature Framework

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UI elements for iOS apps
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UI elements for iOS apps
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Meteo - Local Weather Forecasts and Hazard Alerts on an Interactive Map

American Farmers Markets - Healthy Eating and Local Organic Shopping

Museums UAE

Throw Like a Pro: A Baseball Injury Prevention App by Dr. Jim Andrews and Dr. Kevin Wilk


Boating Marine & Lakes

Milano Metro

Madrid Metro

Barcelona Metro Searcher

Valencia Metro

Roma Metro

Milano Metro AR

Barcelona Metro AR

Roma Metro AR

Madrid Metro AR

Valencia Metro AR


XcodeItalia Free

Barcelona de Tapas (AR)

Beer&Food BarFinder

Madrid de Tapas (AR)




Sava La Vita


iTunes Gift Card Redeem

Gift Card Redeem, built for Apple as a feature of iOS, iTunes, and the App Store, allows users to fluidly redeem gift cards using their iPhone camera.

Apple has adapted this machine vision algorithm for Apple Pay, and this feature in now used to seamlessly extract credit card information directly into Wallet.

itunes redeem card

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